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When you need air conditioning repair work done, remember that all AC Contractors are not all created equal.

Learn the things that you need to know before letting a new air conditioning repair specialist into your home.

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Ductless Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric is the industry leader in split-ductless air-conditioning technology - period.

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Heating and Cooling Systems

Beyond the purchase of your home and automobile, your heating and cooling system could be one of the largest investments you'll make. Modern home comfort systems are more energy efficient than ever, and with the proper system and installation, you could see considerable savings over the lifetime of the new equipment, helping to offset your initial investment. Financing your home comfort purchase is also another great way to offset your initial investment. Financing provides you with flexible programs and payment options for the home comfort solution that suits and satisfies your entire family's heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs.
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No-vent caps

Refrigerant Theft

Keep neighborhood kids safe and protect your air conditioner from tampering. Refrigerant theft has been a well-known problem for years. However, an even larger problem is that most refrigerant is not being taken for resale, but is being consumed as a drug.
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UV Lights

Cleaner, healthier air.

Today's homes have excellent air sealing that keeps conditioned air inside to improve your comfort system's energy efficiency. But airtight homes also trap contaminants - mold, bacteria, viruses and pollutants - that can trigger allergy symptoms and asthma attacks.
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Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Did you know CO sensors are a requirement in CA now? Your HVAC contractor can install one for you.
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Drain overflow switch

Drain overflow switch - extra protection against water leaks

Overflow switch shuts off AC in case of drain pan overflow, then pumps drain pan continuously to prevent further overflow due to melting ice on the coil. Integral reset button must be depressed to re-activate system after servicing Fully electronic with built-in delay to prevent false alarms.
Have your ac contractor install one