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No-Vent Caps

Refrigerant theft has been a well-known problem for years. However, an even larger problem is that most refrigerant is not being taken for resale, but is being consumed as a drug. Unprotected refrigerants are easily accessible with a simple pair of pliers or fingers, and the thieves can sniff the refrigerant directly from the valve or store it in a plastic bag for later use. Unfortunately, the "high" or "rush" an individual gets from "huffing" is from the oxygen being displaced in their body. This has resulted in documented cases of brain injury and even death to individuals.

A service call to refill freon costs between $275 to $300-dollars and it's the homeowner who gets stuck with the bill, To find out that there was no problem with the system is very frustrating. But people who get high from freon are the ones that could pay the ultimate price.

To combat the serious problem, Novent LLC developed a simple tamper resistant cap that can stop the theft of refrigerant. The Novent Tamper Resistant Refrigerant Cap requires a special tool to apply and remove the product, making it virtually impossible for a thief to access the refrigerant. The Novent caps also protect refrigerant cylinders. The caps are anodized to match refrigerant color codes and stamped with the chemical codes. This prevents mixing of different refrigerants.

The Novent patented locking caps, which can only be installed and removed with a special screwdriver or MultiKey key-ring wrench, are available only through licensed HVACR contractors.