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Free Cooling

Use outdoor air to cool your home

Free Cooling is the ability to allow fresh cool outside air into your HVAC system as 1st stage cooling. By using a T5800 with an outdoor air sensor you can set the exact outdoor temperature you want to turn on the indoor fan and drive open our normally closed (N/C) free cooling damper. A normally open (N/O) return air damper will close, therefore only allowing cold outside air to be pulled in through the furnaces filter and cleaned. After this cold air is cleaned, it is distributed throughout the house by the existing supply ducts. To keep the house from being over pressurized a (N/C) barometric relief damper should be installed in the return duct which will relieve warm/stale air from inside the house and into the attic.

How much money will the T5800's Free Cooling feature save you?

The exact amount of money will depend on how much the utility company charges you per KW, you're A/C units Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) and the size of you're A/C unit's compressor. In the chart below you can see how many hours the outdoor temperature is suitable for the T5800's “Free-Cooling” feature in your area. And since your air conditioners compressor is equal to 1-hp per ton, you could save a lot of money!

Outside Air Temperature Ranges with Hours per Year

Temperature(F) Hours per Year between Temperatures
BakersfieldFresnoLos AngelesSacramentoSan DiegoSan Francisco
Hours per Year8,7608,7608,7608,7608,7608,760
Econ Hours(50° to 70°)3,8293,7717,5114,6437,0946,766
% Economizer Hours44%43%86%53%81%77%

How free cooling works

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