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Air Handler / Fan Coil

In a normal split system configuration you will find three key players: an air conditioner or heat pump, a furnace and an evaporator coil. If you are hazy about how these work together to provide cooling and heating, see our cooling tips page.

So what is an air handler? An air handler is a combination of the evaporator coil and the fan motor from a furnace. Air handlers are used in environments where cooling only is required, or where a heat pump is used to provide both heating and cooling.

Get More Comfortable Advice: When selecting an air handler or fan coil, remember to get one with a variable speed fan. Variable speed fan motors increase efficiency, are quieter and offer more consistent comfort levels. They also provide better indoor air quality control when using humidifiers and air cleaners.

If you need a new fan coil or have further questions, contact a local HVAC contractor: HVAC contractor

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Air Handler